The Time Box

“timeboxing allocates a fixed time period, called a time box, to each planned activity.” (wikipedia)

Atime box can be used for all kind of personal and professional enviroments. It’s main benefits are:

  • Encourage regular milestones (to cope with perfectionism, encourage releases, etc)
  • Give a clear focus (“the goal of this time box is to ….”)
  • Motivation (There is always a reachable, short term goal

This concept is chosen as a foundation for this site as it is easy to read but not as easy to enforce. This website will be mainted with X hour time boxes, plus a public review and planning for each time box. The value for X will be defined within the first weeks – I want to observe various options, with 4h being the first one.

AllĀ  issues mentioned above which timeboxing adresses are reasons why projects in the past have died, most often slowly and in silence. Using timeboxing has proven to be an efficient way for me to keep focus and to finish what I started.

Because of this, the timebox will be per topic and not per artifial timeframe (e.g. “8 hours for this item”, not “8 hours per week”).