This page is a live extract of the Product Backlog which is used to structure the work to be done on
Depending on the topic and the source for the Product Item (PBI), it is either a feature description, a bullet point list or a user story.

The is both used actively to maintain the blog as well as serving as a live example and offering a basis for discussion and comments. Please be aware though that the main audience of the is myself – some things might be weird, or confusing – please feel free to ask away should that happen.

(Please note: The embedded is not final. Working on it!)

Article with visualisations - user wants to get interesting content in an understandable form
- I need to learn to edit content better
Article II: Agile Values
Article: Scrum as Transparency Tool in Management - reader understands how the framework can be used and extended to create transparency
- show how transparency can be used to focus discussions
Article: Creation of a TeamHow can a new team get a headstart in getting things done? (approval pending: not my original idea) (Got priorized lower after realizing that it makes sense to first have an article about production setup)
Review all Plugins used - Validate that the used setup still serves the purpose it was intended in the beginning.
- Prevent tech debt which makes maintenance a burden down the road.
- Apply learnings.
Article III: Agile Values
Article: Client vs Us, instead of Client with usWhat can an agile team do if the client is not cooperating in a harmonic sense? Is all hope lost?
Article: Change of Perspective - Reader receives information about tools and goals behind changing ones perspective
- Reader gets RL examples which they can use to judge by themselves if this is of interest to them
Article IV: Agile Values
Definition of Done: Articles - Increase consistency of blog posts & articles
- Assure quality of posts
- Increase speed in which articles can be verified
Article: "I know exactly what I want"Helping stakeholders create a milestone plan from a very detailed, complex idea of the final product
How to implement (or "sell") Agile in a new environmentWhere is the value of Agile as a product? What is it that a CFO or CEO needs to understand? Can Agile be installed top down? (Perhaps split into multiple articles?)
News Feed (RSS?) - User can stay up-to-date without the need to manually check page regulary
Optimize Search - Users need to be able to find articles based on keywords they have on their mind
Article V: Agile Values
Article: Timeboxing - What's the use of timeboxing?
- Who's responsible?
- Why should I care?
Article Around a QuoteResonated with me and shows a strong parallel to when the times are dire. They often are.
"Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don't have the strength.". -Theodore Roosevelt.
Why Estimations are importantCounter-reference to an awesome article by a developer:
Review need for Biography / About MeDo users want this? Is this a topic of interest? Not sure
Article: why and how is meassured
E-Mail list & newsletter - Tool for the user to passively stay in touch with the blog
- reduce manual overhead by user and admin
- Check if there is a need for this
Article: Embracing Failure - Why failures are important
- Why words matter