How the Vision was Created


In the beginning, there was research. I wanted to do something new with one of my teams and looked left and right for inspiration.

What I did not find was a “oh and then I did this and that happened and it was terrible/awesome!”. At this point I realised that the demand was at least 1. In addition, I learn best when explaining – and there is always an infinite amount of topics still to improve upon!

The Beginning

Now there was a clear idea:

  • “yes, I want to write about production management”
  • “yes, a blog will be the right medium”

The next question asked was about what value I’d like to create. When thinking about first posts and topics, I realised that I have to explain a lot of context – which was the moment that the idea arose to actually use the blog itself as an example.

This ment though that the product needed a vision which would be on (virtual) paper. If the blog is the product and the production is part of the content, then the vision is the core idea that should be communicated. And it had to be written up. The content that the vision had to communicate were:

  • Where is the value created?
  • What is it this blog wants to achieve?
  • Where is the unique selling point?
  • Why should I care?

This lead to …


Note that the first vision draft already contained the idea to this post – but the vision was created first. is a product management blog with a focus on agile development which provides value by being publically managed through a public backlog, strict timeboxes and meta-information about the question why and how the site’s content was chosen and created.

The value added to the huge market of (good!) management blogs lies within the focus on applied information – documents and analyses agile product development as it happened and happens in real-life – if possible close to real-time.

It creates value for aspiring and existing product managers and agile team members by giving specific examples and their consequences – including every decision which flows into this page, starting with “how this vision was created”.


Timeboxed has what I like to call a “quantum vision” (I know, I know – see the quote below!) – writing it and working towards fulfilling it actually changes the vision itself. The whole project is a learning experience for me. Writing about product management, agile development and my work is a new endeavour for me.
Because of this the vision will be reviewed regularly, not only in its wording and presentation but in its content as well.

The first iteration added the blacklist, both as a personal reminder as well as a public statement.

The second iteration received the personal side. I decided to show not only my product goals for you as a reader, but I want to share what my goals for this project are as well – with the hope that you can actually help me achieve those goals!

Now there was a third iteration, which cleaned up the phrasing a bit and removed some parts to keep it cleaner.

“But if it is true that the act of observing changes the thing which is observed (because of Quantum), it’s even more true that it changes the observer.”

– Terry Prachett


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