Setting up a Production – an Overview

Thinking about the very first moment of a product might seem trivial. Someone gives out a task and you make a product out of that – so what? Let’s call that whole thing a “project” and this post is done. […]

Concerning Missions and Visions

Goals are crucial for a successful product (and team and company).  A clear mission and vision can help you convey those goals. Here, I talk a bit about why those two “tools” should be used and how they can be […]

Working With External Clients

Product Development gets really interesting when the basic setup is complex. There’s one setup which regularly takes the top on the complexity scale in my experience: External stakeholders and sponsors. Key decisions are then made outside of the frame of […]

An Introduction To Scrum Retrospectives

“Retrospective” means “looking back”. Looking back is exactly what is done in a Scrum Retrospective. In my experience, this event is one of the most discussed topics in Scrum. This article goes over what Retrospectives are, why they are worthwhile […]

Why You Want to Tell a Story

Why to Tell a Story The origin of this article is an often repeated experience when Product Managers are asked to give briefings and status updates. They often start talking numbers, figures and dates which leads to a lot of […]

Looking Ahead: A Pre Mortem Retrospective

Sometimes, development teams can become stuck in their train of thoughts or have a hard time to find ways to improve their workflows. At other times, your teams are just tired and switch to autopilot when thinking about what went […]

A New Product: From Ideation to First Release

“I want to create a product, write an article, give my team a vision, …” In short: You want to create value for someone. This is a tough and often very abstract topic. Here you can read about the product […]

Backlog Refinement

Now that the first iteration of is online the logical question is: “what now?”. After reviewing the backlog (“write Definitions”, “write ‘about me’ page”) it becomes obvious that there is no proper path yet layed out on how the […]

How the Vision was Created

Prelude In the beginning, there was research. I wanted to do something new with one of my teams and looked left and right for inspiration. What I did not find was a “oh and then I did this and that […]