About Timeboxed

Welcome to Timeboxed, a product management blog with a focus on agile development.
Here you’ll find articles and posts about many topics related to managing software production.

I try to set timeboxed apart from the existing (good!) management blogs by putting the focus on applied information. You can find experience reports and thoughts on topics which come directly from ongoing projects.

The blog hopefully provides value for aspiring and existing product managers and development teams by giving specific examples and their consequences – including everything about this project – starting with a brief post on “how this vision was created“.

The blog itself is maintained through a public , timeboxes (of course!) and meta-information about the question why and how the site’s content was chosen and created.

Personal Vision

I created Timeboxed because I think better when explaining to others. When writing about topics and issues I face(d), I improve myself while at the same time (hopefully) giving back to a community which helps me grow.

Too many websites either state that “Scrum is the best(tm)!” or that “Agile, and especially Scrum, are terrible”. For me it is way simpler: The Agile Manifesto is a development philosophy which helps to acknowledge what is needed to make a product out of a project – a productive environment and a result (“the Product”) which fulfills its goals.

It’s not the name of the tool, the description or the theory that is good or bad. Theorizing on what is the “best system ever” never answered the reoccurring question: “What is the best system for this specific team, project, client and product?”.
Instead of adding one more theory-based blog, I want to add to the discussion with examples and actionable items. I want to invite an open discussion on what could have been done different or better.

With this blog, I want to increase my horizon. I encourage you to question things I have done or written and I want to learn from you in the same way that you hopefully receive new insights and perspectives through my work. If you see anything you like, let me know. The same if you see room for improvement. Simply shoot me a mail to georg@timeboxed.org.


  • No whitewashing: Failures & Setbacks will be documented as well. (I busted the first time box when setting up the page. Would do it again!)
  • No ads: The page will not be monetized directly. Sponsorship and self promotion are the chosen ways this page benefits me.